Should there be an energy price cap for businesses?

Callum Thompson, Managing Director of Business Energy Claims, was invited to appear on Sky News at Ten with Anna Botting to discuss the recent rise in energy bills and the current lack of an energy price cap for businesses, as well as share his thoughts on the impact this will have on UK businesses. 

Callum, who has over 8 years experience of working in the utilities and energy industry, said that Business Energy Claims have been clear that they think there “should be a price cap for businesses”.

“We’re acting for many clients who are faced with these astronomical increases, where a couple of months ago it might have been four, five or sixfold, but now we’re looking at seven, eight or even ninefold”.

“It’s an enormous problem that needs to be rectified very soon”.

At the start of 2021, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) employed 16.3 million people in the UK. As reported in The Times earlier this month, many businesses could shut permanently, with 10,000 businesses and 500,000 jobs at risk in the hospitality sector alone.

Business Energy Claims recently published guidance on ways to save money for businesses in the UK that have been hit by the rising costs of energy, but as Callum explained on Sky News at Ten – and in a previous interview with GB News – there comes a point where the “government needs to step in”.

“There’s this enormous issue relating to hidden fees in the energy market with businesses … it’s a heavily intermediated sector and it’s an issue we’re trying to correct, and we can provide support to businesses on that” Callum said.

In June 2021, Business Energy Claims helped a West Midlands care home win back thousands of pounds after NRG Corporation Ltd failed to disclose commissions included in a three-year contract supplied by British Gas in 2017. 

The care home only discovered the commissions after seeking help from Business Energy Claims. 

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