How can I save money on my gas and electric bill?

Many businesses throughout the UK have been hit by the rising costs of energy. What’s more, these high costs do not appear to be falling back to ‘normal’ levels anytime soon. Nordstream 1 is currently running at 20% capacity, MPs are stating that household bills for January 2023 will top £500, and an American recession looms on the horizon. With business energy not subject to a price cap, the outlook remains very bleak for many UK businesses.

How to save money

In preparation, most of the UK have performed energy audits to varying degrees. Either through accredited energy assessors such as Green Zone Surveys, or through internal management. Whilst these energy saving actions are very important, they will only go so far in saving money on gas and electric bills. Furthermore, Martin Lewis has been an advocate for energy saving, and has provided many suggestions on ways households and businesses alike can save money. For more information on ways to save money on energy bills, Business Energy Claims suggests visiting Money Saving Expert for more information. In addition Harvard University, and other similar thought leadership institutions, have provided guidance on ways businesses can save money on their gas and electric bills:

  1. Shutdown your computer
  2. Choose the right light
  3. Unplug idle electronics
  4. Use a power strip
  5. Turn the lights off

Whilst the above offers simple, basic solutions, the affects of multiple users can really compound over the life of energy contracts. With prices continuing to rise, basic solutions really can be the most cost effective.

6-months free energy

With sky high gas and electric bills, who wouldn’t want free energy? Business Energy Claims have been working tirelessly with businesses throughout the UK for the past 4 years, reclaiming money from mis-sold energy contracts. As a leading niche claims management company, they are solely focused on recovering money on your behalf. With their market intelligence, Business Energy Claims have identified Energy Broker commissions average between 10% to 20% (and on occasion much higher) or businesses total energy spend. This effectively means businesses are paying 10% to 20% more than they need to on an annual basis. Making an energy claim really could help the bottom line when businesses need it most. The average contract length for a business energy contract is approx. 3 years with multiple contracts being taken out by businesses over several years. This translates to claims that would cover a minimum of 6-months of energy usage.

At Business Energy Claims have claims ranging from £2,000 to an eye watering £1.8 million! This signifies that any business who currently uses or has used an energy broker has potential to make a claim. With an average claim amount of £25,000, there is a substantial sum all UK business could reclaim. Business Energy Claims work on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy. Any money recovered can go a long way paying off your energy bills. The process is seamless. The average time requirement from a businesses is approximately 2 hours, allowing businesses to focus their time and effort where it is needed most.
If you have used an energy broker in the past, call Business Energy Claims on 0800 689 4259 for a No Obligation review, or email us at [email protected]

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