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About Business Energy Claims

Business Energy Claims has a team of energy and legal experts helping businesses to recover hidden commissions and losses from the mis-selling of energy contracts.

The energy market is complex, with over 2,000 brokers selling energy solutions to businesses. Within that market we have discovered a significant number of examples of hidden charges and different forms of mis-selling.

Helping you recover monies in an unregulated & crowded market

The market is unregulated and intermediated, with hundreds of new entrants in the last few years. We are seeking to enable businesses to understand the nature of the deals they have done and recover monies where they have been overcharged. Our aim is to change the business energy market enough that brokers (TPIs) remove mis-selling and become more transparent.

We have a simple process which allows us to check whether you have a claim – we do all the hard work for you!

We are experienced, transparent and we make it easy to make your claim.

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