Online claims calculator launched to reveal true cost of business energy mis-selling

Brand new online calculator tool exposes the billions of pounds potentially owed to businesses across the UK.

Assisting businesses to easily calculate the potential monetary value of their claim, Business Energy Claims – the UK’s leading organisation in tackling energy broker mis-selling – has launched an innovative online claims calculator tool.

The digital calculator tool forms part of Business Energy Claims’ pledge to making the process of understanding and proceeding with a claim as easy as possible.

Championing UK businesses, from micro-sized to large multi-location organisations, Business Energy Claims has tackled the unregulated market of commercial business energy for over two years, shedding light on the lack of transparency and bringing justice to clients who may have been mis-sold.

This comes after the recent announcement of Ofgem vowing its commitment to taking action against the overcharging of small businesses through inflated, and often undisclosed commissions and hidden fees, following a comprehensive review of a detailed report submitted by Business Energy Claims.

Callum Thompson, managing director at Business Energy Claims, said: “With increasing interest across the industry from a legislative and regulatory perspective, we are delighted to see some movement towards a more transparent marketplace.

“The claims calculator is something we have been working on for a while and we are delighted to see this go live, giving users the ability to assess the value of their potential claims in just a few simple steps.”

The commercial energy market is rife with unregulated brokers, uncapped margins, plus hidden fees and commissions; all of which are negatively impacting businesses across the UK who are overpaying to the tune of billions of pounds.

According to Ofgem, businesses, charities and public bodies spend £25 billion per annum on energy[i]. A significant per centage is often made up of the undisclosed fees that are stinging UK businesses year after year.

Callum adds: “With our new online calculator tool, we hope to empower our prospective clients with a clear awareness of the bad practice of a number of suppliers, brokers and consultants, enabling businesses large and small to see how much money they could potentially claim.

“In rolling out this functionality, we continue to evolve the utilities sector to become more transparent and ethical, as we seek to bring regulation to the business energy market. Whether a business is currently using a broker, or has engaged with a broker in the past, we would urge everyone to use our calculator tool to see the true cost of their energy contracts; our team is ready and waiting to recover what is rightly owed.”

To find out how much your business could be owed as a result of business energy mis-selling, enter your details into the claims calculator here.




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