Energy price cap rises: what does this mean for businesses?

Following yet another recent rise in the energy price cap, the government continues its Energy Bills Discount Scheme for UK businesses until March, but is this enough?

The “Energy Bills Discount Scheme” allowed all eligible UK businesses to receive a discount on high energy bills over a 12-month period, with higher support provided to those deemed energy intensive.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, said: “My top priority is tackling the rising cost of living – something that both families and businesses are struggling with.

“Even though prices are falling, I am concerned this is not being passed on to businesses.”

Despite reassurances from the government, this is a particularly troubling time for many business owners, and it is therefore no surprise that, as small and medium businesses across the country are struggling to pay bills.

To combat this, a Newcastle-based energy litigation specialist is highlighting the ways in which businesses can potentially offset rising costs, following the emergence of an energy scandal involving rogue brokers.

Business Energy Claims is highlighting the need for businesses to question the way in which their energy contracts were sold and handled, with an estimated 2 million UK businesses potentially entitled to compensation for energy mis-selling.

Head of Claims, Hannah Stewart, said: “We hear on a daily basis from businesses that are struggling with the cost of their energy, whether it be their gas or electricity, and that they are concerned that without help they will need to close their business.

“Any help from the government with the cost of energy bills will be welcomed by businesses and hopefully will ease the minds of many business owners.

“This is a particularly worrying time for businesses and we urge all businesses to reflect on how their energy contract was represented to them by their energy broker and if something does not sit right, then contact us at Business Energy Claims.”

Business Energy Claims has a team of energy and legal experts helping businesses to recover hidden commissions and losses from the mis-selling of energy contracts.

If you believe you’ve been mis-sold your energy contract and think you’re entitled to compensation, call 0800 689 4259 or get in touch.

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