Empowering UK Businesses: The Great British Nuclear Revolution

UK businesses rejoice! Being mis-sold business energy will become more difficult with Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps’ latest announcement. Great British Nuclear (GBN), a non departmental government body dedicated to supporting the nuclear power industry, was launched earlier this month promising lower energy rates for businesses and substantial economic growth.

GBN’s aim is to accelerate the government’s vision of generating 25% of the country’s electricity from nuclear energy by 2050 paving the way for all businesses, especially those affected by ever increasing energy prices. This ambitious goal presents an incredible opportunity for businesses across the UK to finally regain control over their energy expenses and avoid the burden of inflated prices that come with imported energy.

With the rapid expansion of nuclear power, GBN will ensure enhanced energy security, reduced reliance on fossil fuel imports, and more transparency of energy costs, as there is less reliance on import and distribution cost fluctuation. As a result, business owners can look forward to enjoying lower energy prices, translating into higher profitability and a competitive edge in the global market.

GBN will focus on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) opening doors to exciting new possibilities. These cutting-edge technologies offer substantial advantages over traditional large nuclear power plants, and with the ability to produce 24 Gigawatts of energy, these reactors could potentially power hundreds of thousands of businesses each year! Although this presents a bright future for business energy costs in the UK, these plans wont take effect until 2030 at the earliest meaning its important to double check your energy contract for any hidden fees that may have been mis-sold. Business Energy Claims urges all business owners who think they may have mis-sold energy both now or historically, to get in touch to check if you have a claim.  

The government’s dedication to SMRs is attracting significant investments, creating an environment for businesses to thrive. Firms such as Rolls-Royce and Hitachi are already expressing keen interest in the development of these innovative reactors, making it an opportune time to explore cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions.

By embracing nuclear energy, the UK is committing to a greener, cleaner future. The Great British Nuclear revolution aligns perfectly with the nation’s goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Embracing this energy source will significantly reduce the UKs carbon footprint, leading to a more sustainable environment for generations to come.

With the ongoing business energy scandal affecting thousands of businesses across the UK, GBN presents a unique opportunity for UK businesses to reclaim control of energy expenses, drive economic growth, and position themselves at the forefront of global innovation and competitiveness.

GBN will allow businesses to flourish and thrive, unburdened by excessive energy bills and inflated prices.

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How to make a claim?

In order to seek compensation, please contact us so that we can evaluate if any commission has been disclosed in your agreement.

Kindly provide us with details about your energy supply, including the unique MPAN or MPRN, the name of the energy supplier, and the contract start and end dates. Additionally, include information about the type of metre you have, along with the current unit rates and standing charges.

It is possible to make claims for business energy agreements, regardless of their status as ongoing or past. Hence, if you have encountered mis-selling in the past, it is recommended to investigate the choices at hand.

If you think you have been sold a business energy contract incorrectly, it is important to act. This could result in getting compensation or paying less for energy.

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