“Dear Mark,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance and intervention you have given me over the last few months in resolving the issue I have been experiencing with my energy broker. I had been in a rather desperate situation when I discovered that my energy broker had signed me into a two year electricity contract with much higher costs than had been originally explained to me. The broker was not returning my calls or emails and the supplier had been less than helpful too. I was left worrying about how I was going be able to afford the electricity charges for the next two years.

After explaining the situation to you, you ascertained that my broker had in fact mis sold my business electricity contract and you contacted both the broker and supplier. I was immediately contacted by the broker who was full of apologies and excuses for ignoring my emails and messages and commenced in renegotiating a new contract with the supplier. The broker even took out all his commission as he was so worried that I would take the matter further legally with your help. I am now signed into a new contract with much lower charges and am very grateful to you who I know was instrumental in the outcome.

I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is experiencing difficulties with their energy broker or who wishes to seek transparency regarding commission paid to these brokers. You have opened my eyes to the deals that are made between suppliers and brokers and the huge commissions that brokers receive not only at the commencement of the contract, but the fact that in some cases they continue to receive a percentage based on usage throughout the contract.”

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