North East-based church owed thousands in business energy claim

Business Energy Claims (BEC) are delighted to announce a claim win to the sum of £8,901 for a North East-based church, the amount having been built into a four year contract with their supplier, Total Gas & Power.

The client, who asked to remain anonymous, noticed that the rates they had been sold were higher than they had previously been paying, and contacted BEC to conduct a review.

It was quickly identified that the energy broker had built a large amount of commission into the contracts without being transparent with the customer, and had also promoted a supplier and term of contract that would make them a large amount of commission.

The client said: “I can’t thank Business Energy Claims enough for their help. Alarm bells went off as soon as I agreed the contract, the rates just seemed too high and it was staggering to see how much the broker had built into the contracts without being made aware.

“I receive many calls every day from brokers and usually avoid speaking to them, but this one seemed different and offered some help with an issue I had. Before I knew it, the broker had pushed me for a quick decision and tied me in to a contract over the phone and I didn’t know who to turn to as the supplier sided with the broker and would not cancel the contract.

“A friend mentioned they had heard about BEC and recommended I call them. The process was very straightforward and I would recommend anybody who has used an energy broker to contact BEC and have them review your  gas or electricity contracts.”

Callum Thompson, director of Business Energy Claims, said: “We are very happy to have returned money to the church and its parish, which will be used  to repair some damage to the roof.

“In our experience, 9 out of 10 people who have used a broker have been mis-sold to and when we tell businesses how much the broker has built into their contracts, they are gobsmacked.

“It is such a shame that businesses, particularly those such as churches, are being mis-led in this way. Brokers have no remorse for their actions and think that they can get away with this, but Business Energy Claims is committed to levelling the playing field for clients and we aim to shine a light on energy brokers actions, whilst pushing for tighter controls to be implemented.

“There are good brokers out there and we have a lot of respect for those who are conducting their business in a fair, ethical way, but there is so much bad practice going on that it can be hard to know who you can trust and that is why brokers are getting such a bad name in the industry.”

If you believe your business may have been affected, or if you’d like to find out more, please call the team on 0800 689 4259.

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