Business Energy Claims are pleased to announce successful judgement for one of our clients!

Sheepfold B&B in Chipping Norton was mis-sold energy contracts by their energy broker, with hidden commissions built into the contracts without their knowledge. The broker recommended unnecessary long-term contracts and advised the client that the rates were good rates. It was then discovered the rates were 32% higher than the client could have benefited from had the broker searched the market as they claimed they would.

Utilising the services of Business Energy Claims and their partner solicitors 3volution Ltd, a successful claim was undertaken, and the client will now receive 100% of their commissions back, as well as compensation for the brokers misrepresentations.

Owner of Sheepfold B&B, Mary, said “When I contacted BEC, I was sure I had been mis-sold my contracts by my broker, but I wasn’t sure how. The team at BEC helped me understand how much the broker had built into my contracts, and why their actions were costing me so much. They collated evidence and from there a successful claim was brought against my broker by BEC’s legal partners 3volution Ltd. I am thrilled with the outcome and so happy I contacted BEC about this issue. I would recommend any other business that has used an energy broker get in touch with them to find out what they are really charged for their brokers services”.

Callum Thompson, director of BEC said “We are delighted to have recovered the hidden commissions for Sheepfold B&B, and to once again shine a light on the sharp practices of energy brokers in today’s energy market. Disappointingly, we brought the actions of this broker to the attention of the supplier during our process, and they turned a blind eye to it. As long as suppliers keep encouraging and condoning this type of behaviour then it will continue to manifest itself, but we will endeavour to keep pushing suppliers and brokers to become accountable for their actions”.

If you believe your business may have been affected, or if you’d like to find out more, please call the team on 0800 689 42.

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