Energy price guide: what’s the going rate for business energy?

With recent rises in business energy prices, and government help for businesses soon coming to an end, a Newcastle-based energy claims expert is issuing advice for businesses to help them understand their energy bills.

Energy and legal experts, Business Energy Claims, is offering handy tips to help businesses to understand how their energy is measured and therefore how it is charged.

What’s the average price for energy?

There is no standard price for energy per kWh in the UK, which means costs could vary significantly from supplier to supplier.

The average price per kWh for gas and electricity has risen substantially since the price cap that came into effect in January, and there are growing concerns amongst businesses with the Energy Bills Discount Scheme coming to an end in March.

Exact energy consumption and subsequent charges will depend on several factors, from your location, your energy plan, your payment methods and sometimes, what time of day you consumed the energy.

Knowing your exact consumption in kWh can save you a huge amount of money, allowing for more accurate quotations and billing, by coupling your exact price per kWh as per your agreement, with your exact usage.

It is increasingly important for businesses to ensure that they are being charged correctly, based on these exact figures – this is especially true amongst small businesses, where business energy suppliers are often charging too much and left unchallenged.

Business Energy Claims are urging businesses to hold their suppliers to account and continue to challenge any aspect of their energy contract that does not sit right with them.

Have you been mis-sold your energy contract?

The Newcastle-based energy litigation specialists are highlighting the ways in which businesses can potentially offset rising costs, following the emergence of an energy scandal involving rogue brokers.

Business Energy Claims is highlighting the need for businesses to question the way in which their energy contracts were sold and handled, with an estimated 2 million UK businesses potentially entitled to compensation for energy mis-selling.

Head of Claims, Hannah Stewart, said: “The best way for businesses to know their exact consumption is for them to regularly submit their meter readings to their supplier.

“This will ensure that they are charged only for the energy they have actually consumed, rather than what their supplier estimates.

“Simple steps like this can save businesses money, as it ensures they do not overpay for their energy.”

Business Energy Claims has a team of energy and legal experts helping businesses to recover hidden commissions and losses from the mis-selling of energy contracts.

If you believe you’ve been mis-sold your energy contract and think you’re entitled to compensation, call 0800 689 4259 or get in touch.

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